Devotions on Music        

                     By Marilynn Stark  

     To enter the world of music with an expansive mind is to render the heart more fully unto music.  Music finds its wellspring in the heart.  The harmony of mind and heart are brought to full force through the language that is music whether one is a performing musician or a listener.  There is no description in words that say precisely what a piece of music will say to one who plays it or to one who hears it.  The aspect of music which transcends words to say how it affects the aesthete, the devotee of music, is what makes musicians want to compose.

     There is a special kind of music among the myriad of kinds of music that have come about throughout time and in all of the various cultures and ethnicities.  That special kind of music is the music of sheer devotion.  The music that lends itself to love most especially seems to stand out among all of the kinds of music that exist.  Somehow there is a holding element in the music whose inspiration is to express devotion no matter what kind of devotion that might be; devotional themes and styles and songs caress the heart and mind most ardently.  Remember the love songs you have heard; perhaps you adopted one as the theme song in your world view that led to your very marriage.  The love of the heart seems to capture music more precisely for its highest message.  Consider the enlightened composer, Bach, whose devotion to God deems him to be the greatest composer of all time.

     Driving down the highway not long ago, I happened to hear the ending of a work by Handel; it was a religious piece that took me so deeply into the love of God and so quickly that the name of the piece eludes me.  Blessed in the afterglow of this most brilliant composer's work, I heard the title briefly mentioned and dismissed it to the inspiration to compose. Because of the strident message of the love for God I had just heard through a chorus of voices lauding the Lord, I turned my mind to a composition that might come to be one day.

     Music can also tell of mythical love.  As much as it has been known to have the power to forge lifelong relationships through the essence of love as it works to make its message more completely heard and expressed in sometimes esoteric ways, music tells stories as well.  To tell the stories of heroic mythical figures is a great form of devotions on music.

     One such mythical story-telling prayer from the ancient days of India is the Hanuman Chalisa.  This devotional work is written in Hindi.  It is one of the most popular and well-known, frequently recited prayers of India.  Indeed, it is renowned for its healing power; that blessing is declared in the prayer itself, indeed.

     It gives me great moment to present to you my own work as composer for this miraculous prayer that has given me great direction and solace.  I have written a melody for the Hanuman Chalisa, and it pleases me to offer you at least the first verse as I sing this for you a capella.

     Please feel free to communicate any comments, questions or requests for a complete copy, and it can be obtained when available by CD or audio tape.

Marilynn Stark   April 20, 2010

The Composer who cares  

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2010 - 2012 by Marilynn Stark All Rights Reserved


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