Enter into a world of music with many and varied facets. This is mostly classical music composed on the electronic keyboard. Read about the source of inspiration for music and enjoy for your own listening pleasure any piece you might choose. Audio tape cassettes and CDs are available on order. Welcome...Marilynn Stark 


Music communicates much as a universal language a rarefied expression of sentiment and emotion. For the message which music gives, it is unique. Music transcends all verbal languages and ethnic lines of division, for it comes from the wellspring of love and truth which is held common to all peoples.

The goal of this composer through the founding of is twofold: it is to reach a listening audience with the love of my heart for God and people utilizing the tool of music, and secondly, by my offering a broad view of the essence of classical music as a commentator on its style and inspirational source, perhaps some who are not educated unto classical music or even semi-classical music will join the following.  May God bless you all with this, His gift, to you through me.   



Most of my music is concerto music, an adaptation of the concerto form inspired by the music of the Baroque era. Some of these keyboard compositions reflect the influence of the Classical era. Many of them also reflect the meditative mode of Eastern Hindu classical composing.

Recordings of some of my compositions are available for your listening enjoyment.  See the box below for access to the password-protected eStore where you will find a current list of audio tape cassettes and a new CD album, Sonorous Aviations.


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UPDATE: as of May 14, 2009

Desktop publishing of the first CD album ever by this composer is now available.  This album is entitled, "Sonorous Aviations."   

There is a new page entitled Devotions. There you will find an a capella preview of a religious prayer for which I have composed a melody.  Please visit.

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There is a song in every heart, and love in every beat.  Music is the soul of man, and love is the breath of God.  Welcome to from the Composer who cares...

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